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2022 Messages in Chronological Order

September 25, 2022  The Fingerprints of God. Looking for the fingerprints of God’s hand being involved in your life. A very insightful message. View Here

August 7, 2022:  Chosen Part 1:  Pastor Russ continues the study of the book of Acts. Saul of Tarsus who became the Apostle Paul is a classic example of someone who lived the opposite of this divine calling and yet had a chance to fulfill the calling he was chosen for. Watch Here

June 15, 2022  Bend Me Lord  A classic prayer from the early 20th century Welse Revival. Pastor Russ looks at this prayer in light of Acts 13 and Acts 16. Watch Here

June 5, 2022  Obey The Voice:  Pastor Russ begins looking at obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. Watch Here

May 29, 2022 Pastor Otis Following Jesus. Pastor Otis looks at the history of Memorial Day celebration and at following Jesus in how we live and think and talk. Watch Here

May 22, 2022  Why Follow The Leadership of the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts Watch Here

May 15, 2022  How the Holy Spirit Leads – Mac N Cheese  Pastor Russ continues series on the leadership of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the book of Acts Watch Here

May 8, 2022  Mary, God’s Choice for the Mother of Jesus. Mother’s Day message for 2022. A good look at her response to Gabriel. Watch Here

May 1, 2022 The Bones Are Rattling: Pastor Russ begins to look at the ways the Holy Spirit leads in the book of Acts. Revival is beginning in Ukraine. Watch Here

April 24, 2022  The Resurrected King Is Resurrecting Me.  Pastor Russ begins a series on the message and process Jesus led His disciples to follow in the book of Acts. Watch Here

April 10, 2022 Jesus Suffered Isaiah 52:14  Pastor Russ looks closer at what Isaiah wrote regarding what the Messiah would look like after being whipped prior to the cross. Watch Here

April 3, 2022 Heaven and Earth Working Together in Binding and Loosing. Pastor Russ continues to focus on ministering through the love of God Watch Here

March 27, 2022 Availability is your best ability: Pastor Russ gives message of encouragement regarding the Lord being with you and guiding your steps. Watch Here

March 20, 2022  Forgiveness, Binding and Loosening  Pastor Russ continues series on Seasoning. This 3rd segment looks at Matthew 18 in some detail and in context of the whole. Watch Here

March 13, 2022 Seasoning Series: Jesus and the message and place of Forgiveness in his life. Pastor Russs continues series with a focus on Jesus and forgiveness. Watch Here

March 6, 2022 Seasoning 1 Forgiveness. Pastor Russ begins series and introduces the topic of forgiveness as lived and taught by Jesus.  View Here

February 20, 2022  Overflowing With Hope. Pastor Otis Jones speaks to the value of and protecting hope. A timely message.  Watch Here

February 13, 2022  Anna – Someone who served God. This insightful message looks at Anna, of the bible and part of the cast God chose for the early days of Jesus birth and earth ministry life. This is well worth your watching. Watch Here

February 6, 2022 – Simeon  What To Do While Waiting On The Promise Or Guidance To Come? Pastor Russ looks a Simeon as a biblical example of waiting for the promise.. A great healing testimony is first. Watch Here

January 16, 2022  An Era of Fulfillment Part 1  Pastor Russ Porcella begins to look at a classic Biblical Era of Fulfillment in the coming of the long anticipated Messiah = The Coming and Life of Jesus the Christ. This insightful message looks at the coming of Jesus as what it was, an Era of Prophetic Fulfillment. Pastor Russ begins to apply biblical insights regarding NCF’s new Era of Fulfillment.

Watch Here