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Gideon 2018 Series

The beginning series of the year.  Pastor Russ examines the relevance of the 300 who joined Gideon for the assignment of their lives, to those of us at NCF and the strategic role of the end-time harvest ahead for NCF.

January 7, 2018  Message 1.  Pastor Russ introduces the elements of the Trumpets, the Clay Pots and the Torches.  Insightful.  VIEW HERE

January 14, 2018  Message 2.  Pastor Russ continues to focus on the 300 who accompanied Gideon to the edge of the rim to face the Mideonites with the resources given to them.  VIEW HERE

January 21, 2018   Message 3.  Pastor Russ continues to focus on the “tools” given to each member of the 300 and relevance for out lives today.  VIEW HERE

January 28, 2018  Message 4  “Gideon 2018 The 300 Torches.”  Pastor Russ focuses on the implications and meaning of the torches that each man held high as they stood on the rim above the encamped enemy they were facing.  WATCH HERE

February 4, 2018 Message 5 “Gideon 2018 Being All In”  Pastor Russ looks at what it takes to stay in your place when on the rim in your own life.  A classic look at this subject.  WATCH HERE

February 11, 2018 Message 6 “How Does Unbelief Come?”  Pastor Russ begins to look at fear and unbelief and the role they play in displacing faith. WATCH HERE

February 18, 2018 Message 7  “How Does Unbelief Come?”  A look at a time unbelief stopped the disciples from following the directive of Jesus.  Matthew 17 is the focus on this encounter that contains much insight for all.  WATCH HERE

Februarey 25, 2018 Message 9  “Getting Out Of The Boat!”  Pastor Russ continues the series with an emphasis on getting started in your journey of faith to rid yourself of unbelief.  WATCH HERE

March 4, 2018  Message 10 “Breaking the sound Barrier.”  The series focuses oon how “vocal” the 300 were and looking at how Jesus ministered one-on-one.  Watch Here

March 11, 2018  Message 11  ” Breaking the sound Barrier 2″  The series is currently focusing on the place of speaking in reference to confessing with your mouth what you believe in your heart.  A special emphasis is on healing.  Watch Here