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Through our 35 years of existence, God has led us to be quite involved in seeking to fulfill the Great Commission as given by Jesus.  While we have and continue to sponsor missionaries, we have been led to specialize in short-term missions to the countries of Belize, Guatemala, Israel and Russia.  We have sponsored more than 100 short-term mission trips, to date.



As the years have passed, we have also come to realize that God has been specifically discipling and training us to respond to the Holy Spirit’s intentions.  We believe the Lord’s desire through us, is to impact  every nation in the world.   We share in the belief that a great end-time harvest for Christ is coming and may be on the very edges of beginning. In Matthew 24:14 Jesus made it clear that the sign of His return was the Gosple of the Kingdom being preached in every nation.  We believe that NCF will be one of a huge number of local churches around the globe  involved in helping to harvest the inheritance promised to Jesus in Psalm 2.  We believe the world is being kindled and prepared for revival fires to burst into flame.  We are also awaiting the long promised and unprecedented revival in Russia to lead the way.  Since the mid-1400’s there have been many within and outside of Russia that have prophesied a most strategic role for Russian speaking peoples and then end-time final global  Christian harvest.  Many within Russia have for centuries seen a pending time of national blood-shed in which “rivers of blood” would flow.  At some point following that time, Russian speaking peoples would experience the first of an eventually all consuming global time of repentance and end-time harvest.  Please watch the 5 English/Russian speaking documentaries available in the Russia subheading of this menu item.