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2020 Messages By Date

December 20, 2020  “The Festival of Lights” Watch Here. The history and origin of the Festival of Lights is explained in this morning presentation.

December 13, 2020  “Why Does It Take So Long?”  Watch Here   Pastor Russ  teaches on one aspect of why life takes so long.  Often our stories include the story of another individual whose story runs parallel to our. Sometimes the resolve of “their” story takes a long time.

December 6, 2020  “If It Is The Calling of God, Will It Be Easy?  Watch Here     Pastor Russ looks at scripture to gain an answer to the question posed by the title of the message above.  This is an age-old question and this is a classic message speaking to the point.

November 15, 2020  Is That Kind of Mercy Available To Me?  Watch Here

Novenber 8, 2020  David’s Illegitimacy and the Tabernacle of David   Watch Here

November 1, 2020  David, An Illegitimate Son Yet A Man After God’s Own Heart  Watch Here

October 25, 2020  I Am Not Qualified For What I Am Called To Do  Watch Here

October 18, 2020  Fulfilling the Will of God and the Blood of Jesus  Watch Here

October 4, 2020  The Promise of Sure Mercies to David Are For Us Too  Watch Here

eptember 27, 2020  The Wisdom Behind 2 Chronicles 7:14  Watch Here

September 20, 2020  Mercy, Forgivemens and Justification Watch Here

September 13, 2020   Winning The War With The Accuser  Watch Here

September 6, 2020  A Day When God Changed The Rules  Watch Here

August 23, 2020, Mercy 1 – When God Was Stunned  Watch Here

August 16, 2020,  The Hand of the Lord Helping Us Watch Here

August 9, 2020  Our Help Is In The Lord 1  Watch Here

August 2, 2020   A Current and Candid Look at Worship  Steve Stroxyk Message  Watch Here

August 26, 2020  Peace, The Lord’s Peace  A message by Steve Strozyk  Watch Here

july 19, 2020 Prayer, A timely message by Otis Jones  Watch Here

July 12, 2020  Biblical Basis of Giving Honor Watch Here

July 5, 2020  Google Knows  Watch Here

June 28, 2020  Jesus and the Heart of the Father  Watch Here

June 21, 2020  Father’s Day 2020  Jesus, The Father and Joseph  Watch Here

June 14, 2020  Jesus, Lord of Heaven’s Armies Part 2  Watch Here

June 7, 2020  Jesus, Lord of Heaven’s Armies Part 1  Watch Here

May 31, 2020   Pentecost 2020 Watch Here

May 24, 2020  Reopening 2 Stay Strong Watch Here

May 17, 2020  Restart 1 and Haggai  Watch Here

May 10, 2020 “Mother’s Day 2020 God Is Helping You  Watch Here

May 3, 2020  “Finishing”  Watch Here

April 26, 2020  Perfect Peace Part 2  Watch Here

April 19, 2020  “Three Sports Related Signs of the Billion Soul Youth Harvest” Watch Here

April 12, 2020 Easter 2020 Message – Enabled To Forgive Watch Here

April 5, 2020  “Perfect Peace April 5 2020”  Watch Here

April 5, 2020  Message Notes “Perfect Peace April 5, 2020  Read Here

March 29, 2020  “Facing the Wind” Watch Here

March 29 “Facing the Wind”  Message Notes In PDF format Click Here

March 22, 2020  “Why are you tolerating this?”  Watch Here

March 8, 2020:  Prophetic Pastoral Update, Tongues, Sports and the Billion Soul Youth Harvest  Watch Here

March 1, 2020,  Humility, a Key to Receiving Grace and Resisting the Devil  Watch Here

February 23, 2020,  2/22/1980 Olympic Win and the Billion Soul Youth Harvest Part 2  Watch Here

February 23, 2020,  Resist the Devil Part 2  Watch Here

February 16, 2020,  The Greatest Impossible Sports Upset and the Billion Soul Youth Harvest  Watch Here

February 16, 2020,  1 Peter 5  Resist the Devil  Watch Here

February 9, 2020,  Superbowl 54 and the Billion Soul Youth Harvest  Watch Here

February 2, 2020, 1 Peter Part 4  Watch Here

January 26, 2020, Otis Jones Testimonial Message Watch Here

January 19, 2020,  1 Peter Part 3  “Arm Yourselves With This Attitude”  Watch Here

January 12, 2020,  1 Peter 1:1  The Whole Message In Six Words, Watch Here

January 5, 2020, 1 Peter Introduction  Watch Here