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2021 Messages By Date

April 25, 2021  And With A Loud Voice Jesus Said: Pastor Russ looks at additional aspects of the cross and Jesus statements. Insightful Watch Here

April 18, 2021  A Resurrection Like No Other  The resurrection of Jesus was and forever will be unlike any other resurrection. Pastor Russ speaks of the main elements of His resurrection. Watch Here

April 11, 2021  It Is Finished, The Law Is Fulfilled. When Jesus declared the statement of “It is finished,” He yet had many things He would doo in the process of His death, 3 days in hell and His resurrection. Pastor Russ looks at this statemet in more detail. Watch Here

April 4. 2021  Jesus Spoke His Way Through the Cross  Easter message for 2021. It looks at the 7 statements of Jesus on the corss. It speaks to how they related to Jesus and how they specifically relate to us. The resurrection made the reality of His statements a possibility for us in our lives. Watch Here

February 28, 2021  March 6, 2021 and 1260 Days  Watch Here

February 21, 2021  Faith Without Works Is Dead – Blessing Israel  An excellent illustration of a fundamental Bible message. Pastor Russ details an example of how faith with works is living. Watch Here

January 24, 2021  Shaking Shaking – Standing Standing  Pastor Russ begins series on how to stand firm in Christ during this time of shaking in the earth.  Watch Here

January 17, 2021  Finishing Well – Gideon 2  Pastor Russ completes the short Gideon series taught this year. Gideon was a man who had one of the most extraordinary military victories in the scriptures. He did not finish well though. The second part of Gideon’s life is examined in the scriptures.  Watch Here

January 10, 2021  Holding Steady In A Fight – Gideon 1  Pastor Russ looks again at the story of Gideon and his extraordinary victory. We are in very difficult times as a nation here in January of 2021. There is much to be learned in this story from the scriptures.  Watch Here