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Russia Prophetic Calling Video Resources

The suite of video documentaries below, focuses on the Sovereign Prophetic End-Time Calling on Russia and Russian speaking peoples.  Each documentary has been produced in English and Russian.  Please click on the video link of each video you wish to watch.  You may wish to contact New Covenant Fellowship to request a copy of the DVD with all five of the documentaries.  These DVD’s include both the English and Russian versions.  The price of each NTSC or PAL formatted DVD is $10.00 (US currency) to cover production, shipping and handling costs.

Hudson Taylor End Time Vision Documentary: A 13 minute portrayal of and documentary on the end-time vision Hudson Taylor saw.   Watch English Version Video Here

A Chosen Witness, Mr. Earl Poysti, a long-time radio minister to Russian speaking peoples: A 6 minute documented encounter he had validating the Hudson Taylor Vision. Watch English Version Video Here

A Chosen Ministry, A 2005 interview with Pastor Sunday Adelaja of Kiev Ukraine:  A 9 minute document about his calling as it relates to the end-time call on Russian speaking peoples. Watch English Version Video Here

Two Prophetic Russian Orthodox Priests of Old: An 11 minute documentary on St. Seraphim and Father Aristocoly. These prophetic priests had astounding prophetic revelations concerning end-time events and the role of Russians in global evangelism. Watch English Version Video Here

An End-Time Focused Interview With the American Prophet, Bob Jones, A 38 minute video: Bob Jones was interviewed in 2004 regarding the numerous end-time revelations God has given to him.  Many things have been shown to Bob regarding the role Russian speaking peoples will play in the end-time senario. Watch English Version Video Here

Первый – это документальный фильм о видении Хадсона Тэйлора. Watch Russian Version Video Here

Второй – это рассказ о статье Ярла Пейсти, посвященной видению Хадсона Тэйлора. Watch Russian Version Video Here

Третий – это интервью пастора Сандея Аделаджи из украинского города Киева – он говорит о своем призвании, призвании своей церкви, а также о том, как оно связано с последними временами. Watch Russian Version Video Here

Четвертый – это документальный фильм о двух православных священниках из древности, которые получали удивительные пророческие откровения о России и ее призвании в последние времена. Watch Russian Version Video Here

Пятый – это интервью пророка Боба Джонса, в котором речь пойдет о том, что Бог показал ему в отношении России и ее призвания в последние времена. Watch Russian Version Video