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2024 Messages

Below is a listing, from most recent to the oldest, of messages given at New Covenant during 2024. They are listed by date, title and a brief description of what was addressed.

June 9, 2024  He Got It!  Pastor Russ examines biblical evidence regarding Peter and his life after his encounter with Jesus recorded in John 21. Yes, Peter got it. He learned the primaryu importance of agape love.  Watch Here

June 2, 2024  Jesus Knows  Pastor Russ looks at some of the interactions Jesus had with some of his disciples after his resurrection.  Watch Here

May 26, 2024  Jesus Covered Forgiving and Retaining The Wrongs Of Others. During his first revealing of himself after his resurrection to his group of disciples, Jesus addressed forgiving or not forgiving others. Watch Here

May 19, 2024  Back To Eden, Two Witnesses. Pastor Russ looks at both the Samaritan Woman at the well and Mary Magdalene as two witnesses of the redemptive redo of the Garden of Eden and Eve. Watch Here

May 12, 2024 Jesus Redemptive Encounter With Samaritan Woman At The Well. Pastor Russ examines this redemptive encounter at Jacob’s well in Samaria. This was the first of two redemptive encounters Jesus had with women that pictured a redemptive recovery and honoring of women by Jesus. Watch Here

May 5, 2024  Jesus Crucifixion, Resurrection and Biblical Prophecies. Pastor Russ looks at the primary role of the biblical prophecies in Jesus crucifixion and resurrection. Watch Here

April 28, 2024  Three Confirmations Jesus Gave For His Resurrection. Jesus gave confirmations to his disciples three times at least to move them to respond by faith to His resurrection. Pastor Russ looks at these three. Watch Here

April 21, 2024  Jesus Honors Women As He Revealed Himself To Mary Magdalene After His Resurrection.  The significance and timing of Jesus revealing his risen self first to Mary Magdalene is examined. Many could have been chosen to be the first but Mary Magdalene was the chosen one. In addition, the timing of His interaction with her is examined in scripture. An insightful look at this moment following Jesus resurrection. View Here

March 8, 2024  Bill Yoder Celebration of Life Celebration at NCF  View Here

March 8, 2024  Bill Yoder Slideshow of Pictures at Celebration of Life Service.  View Here

February 28, 2024:  1985 World Series KCIHOP Rescue Prophecy. Pastor Russ speaks to a prophetic word God gave to Bob Jones 39 years ago.  God revealed, through Bob Jones, that the Kansas City prayer movement would come under significant threat of closure due to the discovery of the numerous choices/decisions Mike Bickle would make through the years. Many voices are calling for the KCIHOP to be shut down. Pastor Russ is a voice calling for an immediate change of perspective regarding closing the KCIHOP prayer movement and its’ activities.   View Here

February 25, 2024: Did God Grieve At The Death Of Jesus and Psalm 139.  Watch Here

February 11, 2024: The Prophetic and KCIHOP,  Pastor Russ uses the first part of this message to continue the series on the prophetic from Matthew 2.  The focus then shifts to KCIHOP and a profound prophetic promise of God regarding the ultimate impact of this prayer movement upon the billion soul + harvest. View Here 

February 4, 2024: Really, The Glory Goes To God, Pastor Russ continues series based on Matthew 2. God knew everything in advance of it happening as Matthew validates. Watch Here

January 28, 2024  “God Knows and The Mistake of the Wise Men” Pastor Russ continues series based on Matthew 2. The Wise Men were not so wise in all of their actions. Pastor Russ continues to look at this timely matter. Watch Here:

January 21, 2024:  Snow day in Knoxville

January 14, 2024:  “The Magi Mistake” The Magi made a classic mistake that we often make. God certainly knew in advance that they would make such mistake as the scriptures explain. This is intended to help us not make the same kind of mistake in our lives. Watch Here